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We’ve compiled a helpful list of our customer’s frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions that aren’t anwered below, please contact our team directly.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept VISA & Mastercard credit/debit cards.

Do you accept checks?

Not without prior approval.

Do you allow pets?

Yes, trained service animals are welcome.

Do you buy items?

Sometimes, it is best to contact us in advance first to make an appointment with one of the vendors who may be interested in the items you have to sell.

Do you accept consignments?

Not usually, however if you have an exceptional piece and one of the vendors is interested in featuring it, it might be a possibility. Please contact us in advance so that we may check with our vendors and make an appointment for you.

Do you buy house lots?

Yes, please call us to make an appointment and we will work with our vendors to match the items you want to sell with the vendor(s) who may be interested in that type of item. For example, our vendors who focus on tools and home improvement might not be interested in a vintage jewelry lot, and our jewelry vendors may not be interested in a garage/tool cleanout.

However, regardless of whether you have a specific collection or an entire household or storage lot, we will always do our best to match you up with the right vendors for your items that you wish to sell.

Are your prices negotiable?

Sometimes, it depends upon the vendors discount schedule and the item.

I like an item in your Etsy Store, can I purchase it at the store rather than having it shipped?

Yes, please contact us and we will pull it from the Etsy store inventory for you.

The fabric is reasonably priced, but you have signs saying not to open it. Some fabrics I’d like to feel before I purchase; why can’t I open the fabric or yarn bags?

All packaged items are inspected, and fabric is measured prior to packaging in order to help keep it clean and properly displayed. Our staff is always happy to open a package for your inspection, and they will most likely thank you for allowing them to open it for you. Bags, tape, labels, measuring, folding etc. add to cost, on average our vendors sell these items at $1.00 or less per yard.

I found a bookcase I liked in the store but there was no price, only a sticker with “NFS” on it. How much does the bookcase cost?

The bookcase is not for sale. We have several abbreviations the vendors use to indicate to the staff the status of their items, the most typical are as follows:

NFS = Not For Sale

NSS = Not Sold Separately

As Is = Vendor is aware the item is less than perfect and has priced the item according to what they believe it is worth even with any imperfections the potential buyer may notice.

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